- Maintenance of over 15% of power transmission and sub-transmission network in iran.

- Maintenance of more than 15000 Km per year of electrical transmission lines.

- Supply of substation of over 30 projects, equipment procurement and electrical transmission lines.

- H.V substation installation & running of more than 50 projects.

- Installation and running of power plant units of more than 10 projects.

- Transportation of power plant equipment & power transformers; more than 30.

- Fundamental repairs, hot line inspection and renewing gas turbine equipment of more than 50 projects.

- H.V substation & power lines maintenance & periodical services; more than 350.

- Optimization, redesigning and extension of H.V substations & power line of more than 100 projects.

- Overhaul of 400Kv, 230Kv & 66Kv circuit braekers; more than 20 projects.

- Transmission & sub-transmission H.V lines consultant, supervision and extension of more of more than 10 projects.

- Oil testing of power trasformer for over 10 years.

- Telecommunication equipment installation services for over 10 projects.

- Installation, testing and commissioning of automation equipment and substation telemetry for more than 50.

- Power transformers overhaul for over 15 years.

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